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Litter Prevention
Two Citywide Cleanups
Two citywide cleanups a year continue to draw participation from students, civic groups, churches and citizens. Because of the success of KSB's efforts, 2/3 of the volunteers pick up litter and 1/3 work on beautification projects.
Parade Anti-Litter Program
"The success of parades should be measured by the smiles on our faces and not the amount of litter on our streets," Bill Mauser urges parade goers.  Please place trash in one of the 520 vinyl trash containers along the city's four and a half mile parade route.  Since using the trashcans, there has been a 70% reduction in litter on the streets. Krewes are reminded to use the extra trash containers at the beginning and end of the parades. 
Clean/Green Schools 
KSB Education Grants
     This year KSB provided up to $200 in Education Grants to local Green Team Schools for their school projects relating to litter prevention, beautification or environmental issues. 
     Abney’s “Compost Gardening” project had students learning how to fertilize plants organically in their Teaching Garden.
     Brock’s project “Playing in the Dirt” taught students about reusing rainwater to water gardens, the planting are caring for flowers, and recycling.
     Honey Island’s Project “Beautifying the Honeybee Hangout” purchased a garden bench, birdbath, flag and flagpole to enhance their outdoor classroom.
     Salmen High School "Salmen Recycles"purchase receptacles to recycle cans and plastic Purchase 5 30 gal barrels and 2 gallons black and gold paint, brushes
     Little Oak Elementary "Green Thumbs to the Rescue" Plant flowers, purchase two planters for front of school, buy fruit trees for side yard.
     Operation Jumpstart East "Curb Appeal"  Construct flower beds, plant flowers and shrubs in front entrance on either side of stairs and revitalize existing landscape.
     Whispering Forest "Environmental/Beautification and Education" Rainwater barrel, composter. Students will learn how waste can be converted to useful compost, which improves organic vegetable, flower and butterfly gardens.  Rainwater barrel will teach the children rainwater is used instead of wasting water tap water in our gardens, saves water and money.     
Litter Prevention Projects
KSB 's litter prevention efforts are working as evidenced in KAB’s Annual Report where its litter index showed improvement with a score of 1.52, down from 1.77 last year.                 
 Bayou Bonfouca Cleanup
Palmetto’s Restaurant and KSB partner each year on two Bayou Bonfouca Cleanups.  Volunteers are rewarded with free admission to an all-day Music Fest on the Bayou sponsored by Palmetto’s.   
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Beautification Efforts
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